Talent Policy

1.Opportunities for Advancement

Our career development policy is based on filling internal vacancies to encourage individual growth and initiative. Promotion and other development opportunities are entirely based on employees' job performance and contributions.

2.Career Development

We support employees in their efforts to achieve success. Employees will receive practical advice and guidance on career progression, as well as assistance in setting realistic goals and determining the steps needed to achieve them. Employees should establish positive working relationships with colleagues, clarify their development goals, assess the skills and knowledge required to achieve these goals, and determine areas that need to be prioritized for development.
Our Success not only means someone’s success but also means the success of our organization which relies on effectively applying the knowledge and skills we have learned to our work. Training and development activities are a valuable part of our work. Employees will receive various forms of assistance that will enable them to become experts in their field, both during work hours and outside of work hours.

Job Recruitment information

Vacant Position: NLP Algorithm Engineer (Shanghai)

Job Responsibilities:

1.Develop customer service-oriented NLP basic word, sentence, and discourse grammar and semantic analysis algorithms, including but not limited to word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, dependency parsing, semantic role labeling, topic modeling, etc.
2.Utilize NLP and machine learning algorithms to develop advanced functionalities such as text mining, information extraction, predictive analysis, and reading comprehension.
3.Be able to apply NLP and machine learning algorithms for project development according to project requirements, such as text analysis, dialogue systems, product recommendations, knowledge graphs, etc., and optimize algorithms based on different product attributes.

Job Qualifications:

1.More than 3 years of experience in NLP related field; Solid theoretical foundation in machine learning, computer vision, data mining, and other related areas.
2.Familiar with mainstream NLP algorithm tools in the industry, capable of algorithm re-development and optimization based on such tools.
3.Possess research and foundational experience in machine learning reinforcement learning, deep learning algorithms, information retrieval, and other related areas.
4.Proficient in Python, Java, or C++, and familiar with common data structures.
5.Candidates with experience in text mining, question-answering systems, knowledge graphs, and recommendation systems are preferred.
6.Strong communication and teamwork skills, along with excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities.
7.Experience with voice-based customer service systems is preferred.

Job Location:
No. 63 Chifeng Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Contact Information:

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