As a new integrated communication service provider, MDC’s business system covers three levels which are content, operations and platforms.
In terms of content, we exclusively represent premium digital content from Germany, focusing on relaxation and stress relief. On one hand, we directly serve a wide range of audiences through the video platforms of the three major telecommunications operators. On the other hand, we are committed to creating diverse industry applications for digital content, such as digital fitness and community relaxation rooms.
In terms of operations, we utilize various marketing methods such as precise marketing through signaling and internet marketing to effectively enhance the marketing and promotion capabilities of digital content and communication services. This helps in expanding the user base and promoting business growth. Additionally, we flexibly apply different marketing strategies and methods according to different business needs and market environments. We continuously optimize and innovate to maximize marketing effectiveness.
In terms of platforms, we have built various platforms based on new communication and technology capabilities. These include Communication Assistant (Individual) platform, Communication Assistant (Enterprise) platform, Business Opportunity Assistant platform (including the Digital Village Edition, Enterprise Edition, Smart Service WeChat platform, and Name Card Hang-up SMS), and the Digital VR Interactive Content Cloud platform. These platforms provide diversified communication management and business intelligence services for both individual and enterprise users.
Through the synergy of content, operations, and platforms, MDC's business system can achieve comprehensive brand promotion, user growth, and business development.

Digital Content


MDC is the exclusive agent of Germany's Magic Horizons VR content in China, focusing on relaxation, stress relief, emotional adjustment, and mental health. Currently, relaxation and stress relief videos are available on platforms such as Migu Video, Wo Video, Tianyi Ultra High Definition, iMusic, and Migu Music, serving individual users in China. At the same time, based on professional and high-quality VR content, we create products such as digital fitness and community relaxation rooms to serve enterprises and institutions.

1.VR videos

MDC's exclusive VR content has been successively integrated into the platforms of the three major telecommunications operators in China, serving individual users around the country.
MDC has reached a cooperation agreement with China Mobile and Migu Video, with the content being launched on the Migu Video app and Mobile Cloud VR.
MDC has established a partnership with China Unicom Video Technology on video content which is available on Wo Video app.
MDC has collaborated with China Telecom Tianyi Video to provide video content which is available on Tianyi Ultra High Definition app and Tianyi Cloud VR app.

2.Video Ringtone

Premium and fashionable Video Ringtones based on high definition videos have been available to the phone users of China Telecom and China Mobile.
MDC has partnered with Tianyi iMusic to provide video content. Fashionable Video Ringtones have been launched on iMusic app.
MDC has partnered with China Mobile MIGU MUSIC to provide video content. Fashionable Video Ringtones have been lauched on MIGU MUSIC app.


1.Digital Fitness

Digital Fitness is the application of digital revolution in the health and fitness industry which has created a convenient exercise environment and tools. Digital Fitness consists of two parts: mental exercise and physical exercise. Each part provides a series of training content to help users relax, relieve stress, improve psychological state and finally achieve a balance between physical and mental health and body function. /Digital Fitness function can notify users through WeChat which means that on the basis of voice and SMS services, we add Wechat service which is more accustomed to users and provide rich personalized scenes and multiple secretary voices for users to choose, fully supporting personalized scene requirements.

2.Community Relaxation Rooms

Community Relaxation Room is the application of digital fitness at the basic level streets and communities, using new technologies and methods to provide immersive VR relaxation experiences for the folks, helping them relax and alleviate their emotions.

Communication Services

MDC has been deeply involved in the field of communication value-added services. Leveraging our own technology capabilities and platforms, we have collaborated with telecommunications operators across multiple provinces around the country to provide communication services. Our specific business mainly includes Communication Assistant(Individual), Communication Assistant(Enterprise) and Business Opportunity Assistant(Enterprise Edition, Digital Village Edition, Smart Service WeChat platform, Name Card Hang-up SMS)


1.Communication Assistant(Individual)

We provide a series of intelligent communication assistant services for individual users, including missed calls reminder, intelligent responses, number change notifications, intelligent address book and other personalized communication value-added services. We also offer WeChat based service notifications and mobile business settings.


1.Communication Assistant(Enterprise)

This is a communication assistant service tailored for enterprise users. Building upon existing functions like missed call reminders, it integrates innovative functions such as IVVR, IVR, AI intelligence, video customer service, call recording, and intelligent call interception. Utilizing human agents, voice, video, WeChat, SMS, and other applications, it provides differentiated services to China Telecom enterprise customers for both fixed-line and mobile phones, meeting various communication and information needs. It offers products and services including recorded calls, enterprise assistants, and digital front desks, with advantages such as secure reading, traceless reading afterwards which is not limited by mobile terminals.

2.Business Opportunity Assistant

This is an enterprise-level communication service that integrates operator IMS networks, cloud computing, AI, mobile internet, and other technologies. This is a brand new fixed-line product designed to enrich and address the business communication needs of organizations in mobile office scenarios.
1、Business Opportunity Assistant - Enterprise Edition: This is an intelligent fixed-line product based on enterprise office platforms, tailored to the new situation of enterprise digital transformation and remote office. By integrating communication capabilities with WeChat-Enterprise Edition/Ding Talk, it addresses pain points such as convenient mobile communication, customer trust, call management, customer resources, and unified communication expenses, empowering efficient office and management for enterprises.
2、Business Opportunity Assistant – Digital Village Edition: This is a digital product for rural areas, aimed at promoting the national rural revitalization strategy. By integrating technologies such as IVR/IVVR, 5G messaging/SMS and AI voice interaction, it provides services such as AI speakers, rural business cards, rural digital information and rural elderly assistance. By improving rural governance capabilities through communication digitization, it enhances the happiness of the rural population.
3、Business Opportunity Assistant – Smart Service WeChat platform: This is a public service platform based on voice communication designed for various enterprises and organizations. By integrating technologies such as IVR/IVVR, digital messaging, AI interaction, virtual digital assistants, etc., it bridges the communication with internet information flow, helping enterprises and organizations to manage the entire process of business closure including allocation, marketing, customer retention, and conversion based on voice traffic.
4、Business Opportunity Assistant – Name Card Hang-Up SMS: This is a basic function of the Business Opportunity Assistant product. Leveraging incoming and outgoing call scenarios, it sends targeted preset flash card messages and hang-up messages to help customers with promotional displays and subsequent extended services. With advantages such as secure reading, traceless reading afterwards, and freedom from restrictions of mobile terminals.