CEO Mr. Li Zhisheng delivered a keynote speech at the summit forum, and MDC participated as a co-organizer in the Tianjin Information Expo.

The 14th China (Tianjin) Information Technology Expo and the 2015 China (Tianjin) Smart City Construction and Development Summit Forum, hosted by the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, co-organized by the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology Education Center and the Tianjin Smart City Research Institute, were held from November 12th to 14th, 2015 at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin.
MDC, as a co-organizer, participated in this summit forum. President Li Zhisheng delivered a speech on the theme of "Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises." The speech mainly consisted of two parts:
The first part included an overview of smart cities, the evaluation system of smart cities, a comparison between traditional and smart enterprises, pain points and solutions for enterprise development, and the three major technologies supporting the construction of smart enterprises.
The second part included the difficulties of enterprise management, achieving mobile informatization in one step, and an introduction to the Saas service product, Kutass Smart Cloud Office Platform. Kutass aims to establish an open enterprise cloud service platform based on cloud computing and big data technology, targeting the Internet informationization needs of smart enterprises driven by market demand. President Li Zhisheng cited two typical cases of how Kutass implemented smart enterprise construction in two different cities. The first case was the promotion of mobile informatization in the Shanghai Huangpu District Enterprise Association. The second case was a collaboration with the Suzhou Industrial Park Big Data Forum to help more than 500 enterprises achieve electronic, mobile, and socialized new office methods, promoting the mobile informatization process for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region.